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With Divorce Washington Online, you can easily prepare all the court-required documents to start your uncontested divorce without the aid of an attorney.

The main benefits of online divorce include:

  • No lawyers are necessary.

    With online divorce, you are not required to attend multiple unnecessary meetings with lawyers.

  • Reduced costs.

    Online divorce costs thousands of dollars less than a traditional divorce.

  • Convenience.

    With online divorce, you can do everything from home. You do not miss work, coordinate child care, or wait in lines.

  • Speed.

    Usually, it does not take more than two business days to receive the necessary paperwork electronically.

To enjoy these benefits, all you have to do is check whether you qualify for online divorce and fill out a simple marriage-related questionnaire on our website. Then, you will have to follow further instructions provided by the online platform.

How to qualify for an online divorce?

To qualify for an online divorce, spouses should reach a mutual agreement on all issues in their divorce, including custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, division of property, and division of debt. Otherwise, they will need to hire an attorney to represent their interests in court.

Additionally, divorcing couples considering online divorce should follow county requirements regarding the grounds for divorce, the type of divorce, etc. Failure to fulfill these requirements can result in case dismissal.

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Washington

Divorce With a Lawyer

A traditional way of ending the marriage when spouses disagree on at least one divorce-related term.

  • Your pocketbook becomes hostage to an expensive legal process
  • It may cause a certain amount of drama between spouses
  • Not every single divorce lawyer is competent
  • It is the most time-consuming way to terminate the marriage

An easy-to-understand process preferred by couples going through an amicable divorce.

  • Everything is completed over the internet from the comfort of your home
  • One-time payment with no hidden costs
  • Papers can be completed within two business days
  • No legal background required
  • Less stressful than a traditional divorce

DIY divorce

Going through the divorce or dissolution process with little or no legal assistance is the cheapest but most complicated way of ending a marriage.

  • It requires a high level of family law knowledge
  • Paperwork may be completed with mistakes or inaccuracies
  • It can be difficult to ensure that you get a fair settlement
  • Going through a divorce independently can lead to extra expenses
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File for Divorce Online in Washington Without a Lawyer


In Washington, filing for divorce without a lawyer is a 100% legit way of terminating the marriage. As long as both parties agree to the divorce terms, they can easily avoid long divorce processes with lawyers and court battles.

However, before applying for a divorce independently, it is important to get acquainted with specific features of the filing procedure in the state.

Filing Process

Each divorce case begins by filing the petition for divorce, covering the information regarding the couple's property, minor children, and the need for spousal support. This document outlines how the petitioner would like the court to handle those issues.

To simplify the divorce process to the fullest, the couple may file the divorce petition jointly. By co-signing this form and the Agreement to Join Petition (FL All Family 119), both spouses agree that the judge may approve all of the requests in the petition. In this case, partners are allowed to skip the Summons and other forms related to the service of the petition. At the same time, considering that some counties have their own rules and requirements, partners should check with the court clerk's office for more information.

Also, to get divorce online in Washington, you can use our services. Thanks to Divorce Washington Online you can get step-by-step assistance in preparing divorce paperwork over the internet and submit it to the court in just two business days after filling out a simple questionnaire on our website.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Washington


In Washington, a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce has become one of the most popular ways to end a marriage free of stress. To prepare appropriate documentation for a DIY divorce, people often use online divorce services. But, if you believe you can carry out this task on your own, here's a valuable list of steps:

1. Fill out the divorce papers required for your case.

These documents play an essential role as they provide in-depth information regarding:

  • Where you live
  • When you got married
  • How long you have been married
  • Your current living situation
  • Any minor children
  • Custody and guardianship
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

2. File completed forms with the court.

Once the divorce paperwork is prepared, the petitioner should bring it to the clerk's office of the Superior Court in the county where they want their divorce case to proceed. When filing legal forms with the court, spouses should pay a mandatory filing fee of around $300 in the state.

3. Serve the divorce papers to the defendant.

After filing divorce documents, the petitioner should inform the other spouse that legal action has been taken against them by serving divorce papers. Currently, it can be done in one of the following ways:

  • By having someone 18 or older (not anyone connected to the case) deliver them to the recipient
  • By hiring someone (generally a professional process server or sheriff) to hand-deliver the paperwork to the other party
  • By certified mail
  • By publishing a notice in a local newspaper (if the respondent cannot be located)

4. Go through a mandatory waiting period.

Washington law requires that all divorcing couples follow a 90-day waiting period before their divorce case can be finalized.

5. Finalize the divorce.

Uncontested divorce cases can be finalized without a court hearing, whereas people going through a contested route will need to go to trial to finalize their divorce. Once everything is approved, the judge will sign a divorce decree that marks the legal end of the marriage.

We provide you with:
  • All Required Washington State Forms.
  • Washington-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.

Getting a Divorce With Children in Washington


If the couple has minor children, they will have to address all children-related issues before terminating their marriage. The main terms to discuss include but are not limited to:

  • The type of custody (legal/physical and sole/joint), i.e., residential schedule and decision-making authority for the children
  • The amount of child support, who pays it, and for how long
  • The visitation schedule

If spouses cannot agree on these terms and prepare a parenting plan that satisfies both parties, the judge will carry out this task according to the child's best interests. In Washington, the child's best interests are based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The child's wishes
  • The child's preference for school, location, and community
  • The child's personal relationships with other family members (siblings, relatives, and their parents' new partners)
  • Each parent's physical health and mental stability
  • Each parent's financial status
  • The history of parental drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or addiction
  • The history of past physical, sexual, or emotional abuse

A parent's gender can't be the basis for awarding or denying certain types of custody. In other words, both parents have equal rights over a child in Washington.

When it comes to child support, it mainly depends on the proposed custody arrangement and each parent's income. To estimate your share of support, you can use the Washington child support calculator.

Residency Requirements in WA

Unlike many other states, Washington does not require people to live in the state for a certain amount of time before they may file for divorce. The only requirement is that one of the spouses be a state resident (or be a member of the armed forces stationed in the state) on the filing date.

Simply put, it is enough to provide proof that at least one of the spouses is a legal resident of Washington to be able to file for divorce there.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Washington?

Numerous factors impact how long a divorce case will last. Usually, these factors include the type of divorce, the time needed to find an agreement with the other party and complete divorce papers, the type of services used, and so on.

Considering that Washington has a 90-day waiting period, a typical uncontested divorce lasts around 3-4 months. In contrast, contested cases can last over a year or longer, depending on the complexity of the marital assets and child-related issues.

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